Car Lockouts and Key Replacement

Lock Experts Warwick provide an affordable automotive locksmith service for car lockout and key replacements for almost all makes and models. We can be out to you in a flash to get you access to your car and make a replacement key if necessary. Our shop is well stocked with replacement keys and software that allows us to make replacement keys if you decide you want a spare. We pride ourselves on our level of service, accompanied by a much lower price than most dealers can offer. Please give us a call with your year, make and model if you’ve been locked out of your vehicle or want a new spare key.

Why Choose Lock Experts vs The Dealer:

Lock Experts in Warwick can provide replacement keys & remotes usually much cheaper than the local car dealership. In addition we use non-genuine keys that are still programmable to your vehicle, reducing costs significantly. There is no benefit to having genuine keys beyond the look and badging, so we use high quality aftermarket replacements that still function exactly the same as the original key.

Furthermore, if you’ve lost your keys in the middle of nowhere and decide to call your local car dealer, you’ll need to get a tow-truck to come and pick your car up, before waiting for dealer to fix the problem. Us? Well, we just come out to you and get it done for you there and then, no matter where you are. (Depending on make & model)

Can we programme keys to your Vehicle ?

We use a multi-vehicle programming system connected to an extensive database of vehicle keys, meaning that we can work on almost any vehicle, be it one equipped with a transponder or not. Nearly every car made from 1999 onwards will come with a transponder in their key, regardless of whether they have remote central locking or not. Why does this matter? It is an anti theft system to make it harder for would be thieves because the chip has to present in the head of the key or the car won’t start

Cars without a transponder are a simple case of making a key to suit the lock, whereas cars with a transponder must have a new key programmed into the system. If you’re simply getting a spare key, we can usually clone them if the vehicle allows for cloned keys, but otherwise we will need access to your car.

Warwick Automotive Locksmith

Give Lock Experts a call to organise one of our automotive locksmiths to help you unlock your vehicle or create a replacement or spare key. Call (07) 4661 1086.