CMI Safes:

We carry a range of products from CMI Safes, Australia’s leading safe manufacturer. Operating since 1946, CMI safes are known for being effective and affordable, ensuring that no matter what your budget is, there is a suitable safe that will keep your valuable possessions secure. With a variety of  safes to select from, as well as varying levels of security and access options, we recommend speaking with us and we can assist you in selecting the best make and model for your circumstances.

Unlocking Safes:

Lock Experts can help you regain access to a safe that you have been locked out of. You will need to prove ownership of the safe and its contents prior to us beginning work on it, and the length of time that it takes to crack the safe will depend on the make and model of the safe. Some of the reasons you may require our services to unlock your safe include:

  • Lost the key or number combination to access
  • Faulty parts on the safe are preventing you from accessing
  • The original owner of the safe is now deceased

For more information regarding our ability to open locked safes, please get in touch today.

Full Range of Safes Available In-Store

Visit our Warwick store to see our full range of safes or give us a call to find out if we carry a particular make and model. Call (07) 4661 1086.