Emergency Locksmith

Lock Experts offer an emergency locksmith service for anyone who has unintentionally locked themselves out of their home or lost their keys. Our veteran locksmith of over 35 years’ experience can quickly and effectively gain access to your house. If you think the security of your house has been compromised due to lost or stolen keys, we can also perform a change of locks if necessary. Please give us a call to have a trusted local locksmith out to your door in your time of need.

What Locks Do You Work On?

It’s not just standard house doors that we perform unlocks on. If you’re a business, for example, and have lost access to your shop roller-door in the morning, we can help you out just as easily. We can gain access to:

  • Standard doors and windows
  • Roller doors
  • Sliding doors and windows
  • Dead-locked doors

Yes, we also do emergency car lockouts.

Identification Requirements:

When we gain access to your house we will of course need to see some identification of some sort, and evidence that you are in fact, the owner of the house. We accept a driver’s license with your address on it, or a rates notice. This will also be accompanied by a lockout identification form that you must sign. We understand that it can be a stressful time being locked out of your house, but showing identity is important in order to prevent thefts. If you have a form of identification inside the home that can be shown, this can be acceptable, depending on the circumstances.

Change of Locks:

If you’ve lost the key to your house somewhere that you think is unsafe, changing your locks may be necessary to protect yourself against theft. As we realise losing your keys isn’t something you financially plan for, we’ve got a range of different locks to suit different budgets.

Emergency Locksmith

Give Lock Experts a call to request any of our emergency locksmith services. Call (07) 4661 1086.