Master Keys and Restricted Master Key Systems

Lock Experts Warwick are experienced installers of master keys and restricted master key systems for commercial applications. We use high quality locks and keys, and utilise a computer-generated lock design system, allowing us to carefully design different permissions for different locks. Our locksmith has 35 years’ of experience under his belt and can make recommendations to suit your business security needs. Please give us a call for a quote on a master or restricted master key installation on your business premises.

What is a Master Key System?

Put simply, master keys allow certain access to different areas, with some keys being allowed access to all areas, while others have restricted access. Contrary to popular belief, master key systems don’t actually utilise a key that magically has access to all locks – you don’t have to worry about people breaking in with a ‘one size fits all’ key! Master key systems are designed and built in the workshop. All Lock Experts master key systems use a computer-generated system to ensure all the right keys work with all the right locks.

Why Choose a Master key?

Generally, we recommend master keys for businesses that have multiple locked rooms, and more than a couple employees or customers with keys. Having a master key makes complete sense in such scenarios, because it eliminates the need for numerous different keys, and limited access can be given to ‘sub-master’ keys, distributed to customers or employees you may not want to access a certain area, e.g. the safe room.

For larger businesses, we recommend getting an Electronic Access Control System with key cards, as it allows you to modify permissions for different keys, and even cancel them completely if you lose track of them. For smaller businesses that still want a secure key system, we recommend a standard master key system as it is more cost-effective.

Master key vs Restricted Master key

You might have heard the term ‘restricted master key’ thrown around, and wondered what it is. The only difference between a restricted master key and a standard master key is the fact that a restricted master key has a patented design. What this means is that a disgruntled employee could not go and get a key cut.

We keep a record of all key cutting and only the owner of the business or someone with written permission on their behalf will be able to get new keys cut for a restricted master key system, and it must be performed by us. This greatly improves on-site security and we recommend a restricted master key system in all scenarios.

Key System Installation

Get in touch to discuss our different key system options and organise the installation of a suitable system on your property. Call (07) 4661 1086.