Commercial Locksmith Services in Warwick

Lock Experts are a commercial locksmith service in Warwick who have been servicing businesses and government organisations for close to two decades. We provide our commercial customers with high quality commercial repair and installation of locks, master key systems, automatic door closers. Our services are affordable, but we also care about the ongoing security of your business, meaning that we don’t compromise on quality parts or attention to detail for the sake of being cheap. Please get in touch with us for more information about any of our commercial locksmith services.

Automatic Door Closers:

We source high-quality automatic door closing devices for installation in Warwick businesses. Automatic door closers are recommended for use in hotels and fire escape doors to prevent the spread of fire in an emergency. All the automatic door closing devices we use meet Australian standards for safety.

Key and Card Systems

Master Key systems are fantastic in that they allow for access to all rooms with one key, and the setting of ‘sub-master’ keys that give limited access to certain doors. Restricted Master Key systems are even better, as we use patented key designs   that no other locksmith can legally duplicate, meaning that no unauthorised people can get your keys cut. Generally, we recommend having master key systems in place for any businesses with more than a few employees to remain cost-effective.

Also available for larger businesses and government organisations are electronic access control systems, which act similarly to a master key system but instead use key cards, allowing for card access alterations and cancellations on the go. We have pages on both master, restricted master and electronic access control systems for more information.

Commercial Locksmith in Warwick

Get in touch to book a commercial locksmith to visit your Warwick business for any of our commercial services. Call (07) 4661 1086.