Replacement Garage Remote Controls

Lock Experts can replace and repair a range of different remote controls for garage doors, automated gates and cars. Operating in Warwick since 2000, our head locksmith has over 35 years of experience in the industry and can create replacement remote controls quickly and affordably. If you would like more information about this service, please get in touch on Array.

Garage Remotes:

If you have lost or broken your garage remote, or just want to get an additional remote made up, the team at Lock Experts can assist you. The process of creating new remotes for garage doors is very quick and can usually be done straight away.

Automotive Remotes:

We can replace or clone your car remote a lot faster and cheaper than most dealerships are able to. If you have a remote locking system on your vehicle and require a new or additional remote control, bring your car to Lock Experts in Warwick and our team will assist you. We use high-quality parts to create the new remote which are usually a lot cheaper than what the dealership uses.

Replacement Remote Controls

Get in touch with Lock Experts to discuss our full range or remote control services for garage doors and automotive. Call (07) 4661 1086

Warwick Key Cutting Service

Lock Experts provide a fast and affordable key cutting service in Warwick to accompany our other locksmith services. Operating in Warwick for 18 years, we have established a reputation for providing affordable, professional and prompt services that our customers can rely on. Our locksmith is  fully qualified and our mobile unit is fully stocked, ensuring that we have everything on-board required for key cutting services.

For more information about our key cutting service or to book our mobile service, please get in touch on (07) 4661 1086.

Mobile Key Cutting vs In-Store Key Cutting:

We offer both mobile and in-store key cutting services, ensuring that our service is flexible and convenient for our Warwick customers. Our store is located on 97 Grafton Street in Warwick and is open Monday – Friday 8:00 am to 5:00pm. There is no need to book, simply drop by any time that suits to drop off your keys and we’ll let you know when they’ll be ready to pick up.

Our mobile service is recommended as an addition to any of our other mobile locksmith services such as having locks replaces or repaired. We carry all of the equipment on board to provide you with our key cutting service.

Key Cutting Options:

We can also provide key cutting for any restricted master key systems that we have installed – you will need to bring photo identification with you to have additional keys cut. We cannot cut additional keys for any restricted master key system which we did not install ourselves as the key design is patented to another locksmith – you will need to contact the original locksmith who installed the system. For more information about restricted master key systems click here.

Key Cutting Services Warwick

Get in touch with us for more information about our Warwick key cutting services. Call (07) 4661 1086 or visit us in store.

Electronic Access Control Systems

Lock Experts in Warwick install Electronic Access Control card & keypad based lock systems for local businesses requiring added security for their premises. We use high quality brand names in our installations to ensure the long-term durability of your card scanners. Please get in touch with us to organise a quote for an electronic access control system installation for your business.

We don’t compromise on our installations, and we’ll sit down with you to discuss the security needs of your business, and make recommendations where we see fit, be it in improving your new Electronic Access Control system, or other security recommendations.

What is Electronic Access Control?

Electronic Access Control (EAC) allows you to access specific doors with different keycards, much like a master key system. The advantage of using key cards, beyond not having to carry around a keyring for your business, is that you can modify permissions for different employees or customers, depending on what access you’d like them to have, as well as cancel cards completely if you lose track of them. You can also get a complete log of who accessed what door at what time.

Having unique keycards with different permissions allows you to give limited access to certain employees or customers. This means that, if you’re a hotel for example, you can quickly re-assign access to a new hotel room with any key card, and remove the old one, making check-in dates simple. Or alternatively, if you’d like a cleaner to have access to all the rooms, you can do that too!

Network vs Single Door:

Electronic Access Control Systems can operate either as a single door, or on a network. Generally, if you’re going to the effort of having EAC installed on your building, we recommend having it installed in a network configuration. A network configuration allows you to remotely modify the card access and have record-keeping of usage, as mentioned above. On the other hand, a single door access allows for multiple cards, but there is no record-keeping, and generally no remote card access modification.

We bring our customers up-to-date on how to use the card programming system to allow them to re-program cards with new permissions or cancel them quickly without the need to call a locksmith.

Electronic Access Control

Get in touch to request more information about our electronic access control systems or two request a quote. Call (07) 4661 1086.

Master Keys and Restricted Master Key Systems

Lock Experts Warwick are experienced installers of master keys and restricted master key systems for commercial applications. We use high quality locks and keys, and utilise a computer-generated lock design system, allowing us to carefully design different permissions for different locks. Our locksmith has 35 years’ of experience under his belt and can make recommendations to suit your business security needs. Please give us a call for a quote on a master or restricted master key installation on your business premises.

What is a Master Key System?

Put simply, master keys allow certain access to different areas, with some keys being allowed access to all areas, while others have restricted access. Contrary to popular belief, master key systems don’t actually utilise a key that magically has access to all locks – you don’t have to worry about people breaking in with a ‘one size fits all’ key! Master key systems are designed and built in the workshop. All Lock Experts master key systems use a computer-generated system to ensure all the right keys work with all the right locks.

Why Choose a Master key?

Generally, we recommend master keys for businesses that have multiple locked rooms, and more than a couple employees or customers with keys. Having a master key makes complete sense in such scenarios, because it eliminates the need for numerous different keys, and limited access can be given to ‘sub-master’ keys, distributed to customers or employees you may not want to access a certain area, e.g. the safe room.

For larger businesses, we recommend getting an Electronic Access Control System with key cards, as it allows you to modify permissions for different keys, and even cancel them completely if you lose track of them. For smaller businesses that still want a secure key system, we recommend a standard master key system as it is more cost-effective.

Master key vs Restricted Master key

You might have heard the term ‘restricted master key’ thrown around, and wondered what it is. The only difference between a restricted master key and a standard master key is the fact that a restricted master key has a patented design. What this means is that a disgruntled employee could not go and get a key cut.

We keep a record of all key cutting and only the owner of the business or someone with written permission on their behalf will be able to get new keys cut for a restricted master key system, and it must be performed by us. This greatly improves on-site security and we recommend a restricted master key system in all scenarios.

Key System Installation

Get in touch to discuss our different key system options and organise the installation of a suitable system on your property. Call (07) 4661 1086.

Emergency Locksmith

Lock Experts offer an emergency locksmith service for anyone who has unintentionally locked themselves out of their home or lost their keys. Our veteran locksmith of over 35 years’ experience can quickly and effectively gain access to your house. If you think the security of your house has been compromised due to lost or stolen keys, we can also perform a change of locks if necessary. Please give us a call to have a trusted local locksmith out to your door in your time of need.

What Locks Do You Work On?

It’s not just standard house doors that we perform unlocks on. If you’re a business, for example, and have lost access to your shop roller-door in the morning, we can help you out just as easily. We can gain access to:

  • Standard doors and windows
  • Roller doors
  • Sliding doors and windows
  • Dead-locked doors

Yes, we also do emergency car lockouts.

Identification Requirements:

When we gain access to your house we will of course need to see some identification of some sort, and evidence that you are in fact, the owner of the house. We accept a driver’s license with your address on it, or a rates notice. This will also be accompanied by a lockout identification form that you must sign. We understand that it can be a stressful time being locked out of your house, but showing identity is important in order to prevent thefts. If you have a form of identification inside the home that can be shown, this can be acceptable, depending on the circumstances.

Change of Locks:

If you’ve lost the key to your house somewhere that you think is unsafe, changing your locks may be necessary to protect yourself against theft. As we realise losing your keys isn’t something you financially plan for, we’ve got a range of different locks to suit different budgets.

Emergency Locksmith

Give Lock Experts a call to request any of our emergency locksmith services. Call (07) 4661 1086.

Car Lockouts and Key Replacement

Lock Experts Warwick provide an affordable automotive locksmith service for car lockout and key replacements for almost all makes and models. We can be out to you in a flash to get you access to your car and make a replacement key if necessary. Our shop is well stocked with replacement keys and software that allows us to make replacement keys if you decide you want a spare. We pride ourselves on our level of service, accompanied by a much lower price than most dealers can offer. Please give us a call with your year, make and model if you’ve been locked out of your vehicle or want a new spare key.

Why Choose Lock Experts vs The Dealer:

Lock Experts in Warwick can provide replacement keys & remotes usually much cheaper than the local car dealership. In addition we use non-genuine keys that are still programmable to your vehicle, reducing costs significantly. There is no benefit to having genuine keys beyond the look and badging, so we use high quality aftermarket replacements that still function exactly the same as the original key.

Furthermore, if you’ve lost your keys in the middle of nowhere and decide to call your local car dealer, you’ll need to get a tow-truck to come and pick your car up, before waiting for dealer to fix the problem. Us? Well, we just come out to you and get it done for you there and then, no matter where you are. (Depending on make & model)

Can we programme keys to your Vehicle ?

We use a multi-vehicle programming system connected to an extensive database of vehicle keys, meaning that we can work on almost any vehicle, be it one equipped with a transponder or not. Nearly every car made from 1999 onwards will come with a transponder in their key, regardless of whether they have remote central locking or not. Why does this matter? It is an anti theft system to make it harder for would be thieves because the chip has to present in the head of the key or the car won’t start

Cars without a transponder are a simple case of making a key to suit the lock, whereas cars with a transponder must have a new key programmed into the system. If you’re simply getting a spare key, we can usually clone them if the vehicle allows for cloned keys, but otherwise we will need access to your car.

Warwick Automotive Locksmith

Give Lock Experts a call to organise one of our automotive locksmiths to help you unlock your vehicle or create a replacement or spare key. Call (07) 4661 1086.

Commercial Locksmith Services in Warwick

Lock Experts are a commercial locksmith service in Warwick who have been servicing businesses and government organisations for close to two decades. We provide our commercial customers with high quality commercial repair and installation of locks, master key systems, automatic door closers. Our services are affordable, but we also care about the ongoing security of your business, meaning that we don’t compromise on quality parts or attention to detail for the sake of being cheap. Please get in touch with us for more information about any of our commercial locksmith services.

Automatic Door Closers:

We source high-quality automatic door closing devices for installation in Warwick businesses. Automatic door closers are recommended for use in hotels and fire escape doors to prevent the spread of fire in an emergency. All the automatic door closing devices we use meet Australian standards for safety.

Key and Card Systems

Master Key systems are fantastic in that they allow for access to all rooms with one key, and the setting of ‘sub-master’ keys that give limited access to certain doors. Restricted Master Key systems are even better, as we use patented key designs   that no other locksmith can legally duplicate, meaning that no unauthorised people can get your keys cut. Generally, we recommend having master key systems in place for any businesses with more than a few employees to remain cost-effective.

Also available for larger businesses and government organisations are electronic access control systems, which act similarly to a master key system but instead use key cards, allowing for card access alterations and cancellations on the go. We have pages on both master, restricted master and electronic access control systems for more information.

Commercial Locksmith in Warwick

Get in touch to book a commercial locksmith to visit your Warwick business for any of our commercial services. Call (07) 4661 1086.

Warwick Locksmith: Lock Changes, Repairs and Installations

Lock Experts are a local Warwick locksmith service specialising in affordable, professional lock changes, repairs and installations. We use high quality replacement parts for our lock repair services. We take thoughtful consideration of how your locks are used and recommend products when necessary to make your life easier, such as keyed alike systems. As a local business of nearly two decades, we believe in maintaining our reputation with quality work and an eye for detail, rather than cutting corners. Please give us a call to book a Warwick locksmith from Lock Experts.

Changing Locks and Keying Alike:

Whether you’ve just moved house, or a change of tenant has occurred, we provide affordable lock changing services for both traditional locks and Keyed Alike systems. A Keyed Alike system allows you to have just one key that accesses all locks, removing weight from your keyring and hassle trying to find the right key in the middle of the night. It also means that you only need to get one key cut when you decide to get spares

When we unlock your house, we will of course need to see some identification of some sort, and evidence that you are in fact the owner of the house.

  • Standard doors and windows
  • Roller doors
  • Sliding doors
  • Dead Locks

Lock and Dead Lock Installation:

Got a new door that you’d like to have a secure lock on? We keep a steady supply of high quality locks and dead bolt locks for installation on all household doors. If you’ve got an existing keyed alike system in place (that isn’t restricted), we can usually make the new lock work with the same key.

Book a Warwick Locksmith

Get in touch with us to book our master Warwick locksmith of over 35 years’ experience to install, repair or cut keys for your house’s locks. Call (07) 4661 1086.